Aztec Monster question

Started by emerald danjon, January 19, 2017, 10:49:09 AM

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emerald danjon

Hi all,
im looking for one of this Aztec Monster for X68000 and i remember in the past see on ebay,but lately i can't see no one,
If someone please tell me where i can find ... i would be grateful  :)
Thank you and greetings. 



Yea i havent found any cheaper place to buy them than Artmix.
Usually theyre actually MORE expensive on ebay and similar.
I didnt order from them yet though so please let us know how it turns out if you do. :)

emerald danjon

I remember see Stuff from Artmix on Ebay...,
thank you!

emerald danjon

This can work with XVI X68000?
can i use the same cable i use for the 50 pin SCSI HDD?

i see in the info of the seller say yes,but i want know if someone have this or know if work properly...
thanks in advance  :)