PC-98 Game Translation Project (Release: Belloncho Body Inspection)

Started by Nana, August 28, 2016, 05:41:05 PM

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Hey NFG,

I recently started a mass translation project for PC98 games, and figured I should post here as well (I apologize if you've seen roughly the same thing on Shmups forum or Tokugawa Corp). I'm trying to translate as many games as I can, and I started out with a couple of random favorites; Reserve 1 and its sequel Reserve 1/2. If you're interested, I have translation patches uploaded on my Patreon here.


If you'd like to help out, please consider sharing the project with a RT! I would be honored to have people playing my translations.

Thank you very much for your time. If you have any recommendations of games to look into for this project, please let me know.



This is pretty amazing. I'll check out your work and consider becoming a patron.


Thanks for the nice words, kamiboy and skpstmgs!

I have an update with some new work in progress games that I'd like to share as well.


I'd also be interested in a Metajo translation. Any plans or interest in that one?


I am seeing your project mentioned around a lot, congrats. A friend of mine noted that he hopes your services will be extended to some PC-8801 games as well. I noted that since the PC-9801 series is based around Intel processors, and the 8801 around Zilog, the hacking process for games is prolly going to be quite different, but here is hoping.

The gaming gods speed, good sir.


Wow this is great! It's really cool to see someone working on so many planned PC-98 titles. I checked out your Patreon page and decided to join up as well.

I can definitely recommend some great games that would be good candidates for translations. I've already recommended a few, but I also wanted to tell you that Brandish 2: The Planet Buster and 46 Okunen Monogatari are being worked on for new PC-98 translations, which reminds me, I need to finish up some of the graphic design edits for 46 Okunen soon...


Which are now completed.



Thank you all for your nice comments and support!

I finally finished the next game I've been working on, and hope some of you may enjoy the game.
It's called "Belloncho Body Inspection," and it's a pretty creative sex-comedy RPG that's both genuine to its influences as much as it is a self-aware parody. It's indeed pretty 18+, but I think it's a pretty easy game to enjoy.

Download link to the patch file: here