PC Engine Shuttle 2 Super CDROM2 mod , problem...

Started by Area303, September 21, 2016, 03:38:57 AM

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Hello everyone

excuse me for my English, I'm French.
I plan to connect a pc engine  shuttle to  a super cdrom2 ( or Ifu30 ) , i mod the bachup ram .
I think i finished, but I still have a problem, cdrom does not react.
if I connect the shuttle to the super cdrom2 without card system, I have a white image, if I connect a CDR-30 and IFU30 card system with 3.0 but I picture when I press RUN, nothing past .
I have found the IRQ2 in the console that I connected to the port, I checked with an ohmmeter, wire by wire, everything is OK, I feel it lacks a wire coming out standby the cdrom.
could you help me find the problem ?


photos :