Anyone have a physical machine with 8MB of RAM & a harddisk? (DooM!)

Started by neozeed, September 01, 2016, 10:43:25 PM

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Yes, I know it's a TALL order.  I still haven't been able to get my x68000 running  :'(

You can't see anything.  Nothing will happen, other than printing some messages on the screen.  You'll need to hit the interrupt button to kill it.

Does it work?


This is whatever IWAD version comes with the Steam version I think...


Does it bomb without GDB?

I'd hate to think I have such a special snowflake of a config. :(


I get the crash in playloop state when I set the machine to x68000 Expert.... but it runs when I toggle it to x68030....


It does crash without GDB also. All configs are special snowflakes. Some of this stuff is so touchy. Its pretty irritating.

I'll have to fix my 030 boot. It hasn't liked booting human68k after I was doing NetBSD for a while. No idea what's happening there ~shrug~

We should try to keep this all in one thread I think :D


You could have one thread for developement/bugfixing and one for testing/reporting.

Ill get this on my Compact as soon as a i wake up after the weekend. (probably next weekend)


I have a Compact with a RAM upgrade. Not sure whether I have 6 or 8mb of ram though. Why does it need so much? The original doom needed only about 4mb I think.


This is totality in optimised code based on the Linux port that uses a 6MB zone....  So to be honest I don't know.  What if I replaced id's zone code with the BIOS malloc, is it better?  I really have no idea.


Well, who knows how the different ports differed from the original DOS version. In any regard I guess I'll fire up the old Compact and give this a go soon enough. But I am fairly certain that I only have 6MB of RAM on my machine.


My X68000 Super HD has 12MB and SCSI2SD, I will try and test...
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