Gradius 1 & 2 15 kHz mode

Started by cometclean, August 10, 2016, 08:13:38 AM

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I had a hard time finding how to change these titles to 15khz.

Gradius 1 is switched to 15 kHz by holding down opt.1 key while the game is booting

Gradius 2 is switched to 15 kHz by pressing F6

I am currently trying to figure out Thunder Blade. If anyone has any info I'd love to hear it :)




We should copy that old list and update it with all new findings.


Maybe we could have a 15 kHz thread?
Although I dupes the the the vast majority of x68000 users have a monitor with 31 kHz.
I would kill for a legit sharp tri sync monitor   ;D


Siftingbthrough a thread for this sort of info is messy. There should be a dedicated wiki page on gamesx or nfg that can be updated by users af they make new discoveries.

An X68000 monitor is easy enough to import from Japan. Will prolly set you back 15-25000¥ when all is said and done using a proxy. The 14" monitors are light enough that they should make it over safely if they are packed well enough.

A bit risky to import one, but as the saying goes, nothing ventured...


Yes that is true, right now my x 68 is connected to a toshiba crt via SCART. I also have a nice 17' Dell crt Monitor, but I am still waiting for the vga plug converter to get here.

Maybe I could start a X68000 resolution thread? I'll just copy everything that already exist into my first post.


Hey, cometclean!  Thanks for posting that.  Can't wait to try Gradius 2 in 15kHz.  It's one of my favorites on the 68K.  I have the arcade board, but the MIDI is superior.