SNES SVC-CPU-01 video and sound goes in and out

Started by mechanical rockstar, August 09, 2016, 12:01:24 PM

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mechanical rockstar

Hi all I got an interesting problem and I could not find anyone with the same problem. The system will fire up and play the game and then the video and sound will go out for about 30 seconds and then come back in for 30 seconds. Here is what I know, The power itself stays on and the game continues uninterrupted when the video comes back. I replaced the caps in the system and the voltage regulator and Ive tried the two types of video cables with the exact same problem. While probing around with a multi-meter I noticed that I had 5.5v on VCC and I think one of the chips might have got too much juice. The machine was sitting in my attic for about 15 years before this problem. Thoughts?