I just got an PC 98 note w FM! how can I compose music on it?

Started by pc98enginekidd, June 30, 2016, 09:50:15 PM

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Hi everyone, very cool forum I just got my nr 166 up and running it has the pc 9821 x 118 equivalent sound card built in. My lavie is running windows 95 b and already has DOS 6.2 installed with 500 odd MB. What I would like is a composing program that allows me to adjust the full parameters of the extended sound card as well as record midi info from an outside keyboard, is that asking too much? I'm trying not to sound spoiled by all my newfangled modern computator exposure. What is the best program to install and the easiest way to get my soundcard singing? can I run midi through my joystick or serial port? or would I need one of the very rare PMCIA or whatever roland MPU 401's?

thanks for your help!

here's a link to the detailed specs


p.s. more questions if you would like to answer

I have an IDE to CF adaptor on the the way that I am going to put the YAHDI on but how hard is it to get and install an Ethernet card compatible with this model?

I am also looking at 15 pin joystick to midi Din5 adaptors can I plug that straight into my joytick port for working midi?

can the roland sound canvas SC 88 transmit midi through it's serial port?



Please see my post on this thread over at r/pc98:


At the moment, I'm not aware of any program that will let you create PMD music via an external keyboard, though if you look around enough you may find something you can use over on Vector (http://www.vector.co.jp/).

Regarding ethernet, you'll have issues getting a PCMCIA ethernet card (the typical way of getting any old laptop on the Internet) to work under YAHDI. I'd recommend you image your Windows 95/DOS 6.2 hard drive, as Windows 95 will more than likely support an ethernet PCMCIA card (provided you have the necessary drivers), and put it on one CF card, and put YAHDI on a secondary CF card. That way, you could easily switch between using the two OS'. Better yet, you could find a way to write both partitions onto a single CF card and dual-boot between MS-DOS from YAHDI and Windows 95.



thanks for the reply I must have read 100s of your posts just creeping here and reddit lol. Yeah I think I will order a desktop 9821 and hookup a classic mpu then I can just transfer midi files if I really want to record from the lavie.


here's something cheesey i whipped together with some freeware already living on the A: drive recorded onto my mac's interface if anyone is interested.