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MO Drive heads-up

Started by sharp, July 20, 2016, 07:06:35 PM

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I finally managed to get a cheap HDD solution, an external MO drive.

Could anybody go over the process of hooking up an MO drive successfully?
How would 1 go about formatting externally? Is it the same process as if done internally?
Do I need to use a SCSI terminator?

Thanks, its appreciated  ;D


SCSI based systems fully support 320mb MO Drives as an HDD.  Just run the standard human68k format program, and format it like any other HDD.  Assuming you have no other HDD connected, and you are running format off a floppy.   If you have an HDD installed and want to use a MO as another drive, then you need to use another driver such as SUSIE.

A SCSI chain should always be terminated.  Most MOs will need a terminator attached, but some later models have internal terminators usually activated by dipswitch.


Thank you superdeadite, that is perfect.
I will report back when its up and running with more details. (hopefully a success story and not more questions)

Thanks again.