PC Engine scart mod

Started by proffesser, May 21, 2004, 12:36:10 AM

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I have a PC Engine with a hard wired scart lead, that played perfectly on my 28" Goodman�s NTSC compatible TV, having just up-graded the TV to a SONY 100htz Trinitron I now find that I have sound but no picture, after taking it to a friends to try and remedy this his Sony would only give sound and a colour picture that "rolled" leading us to  think that the conversion may not have been a RGB one????? <_< ..... any help on this would be welcomed and any other information that help given.. cheers all....my shooters are standing idle for far to long....cheers all!!!


Well this should be a simple one to solve.

Open up your PC Engine and look at where the cable is tapping its wires. If you're unable or unwilling to open the box you can just open the SCART end of your cable and test which pins are active. According to the spec, pin 19 carries composite video. If that pin is active then somebody just made a composite SCART cable. Open the box up and connect the dots.


May I suggest you try it on some other make than Sony?

I have had some problems with Sony TV's before, especially with some of my arcade stuff. For example, on all other TV's or monitors my ST-V board will work fine but my Sony which I purchased two years ago only shows a rolling rainbow image (maybe similar to yours?).

Something about the sync then, I guess, but I've been too busy (lazy) to take a better look at it as I don't use the Sony much anyways. It does work with my RGB-modded PCE though.


Oh, and Sony displays an on-screen sign to display status (arrow to tell the picture is composite and an arrow with three dots to tell it's RGB).


Cheers for the reply�s, I�ll be able to take a better look this weekend...I'm hoping that it is a simple PC Engine v's Sony clash!! so it's "good" to hear that other's have had the same kind of problems..but the links and help you have given are going to be invaluable...all the best and cheers!!