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Started by AleZ, May 11, 2004, 05:11:10 AM

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I everyone, I'm an italian guy that love to play with import consoles & games. I have recently bought a new PS2 (NTSC USA - SCPH-50010/N) to play FFXI online and i noticed that it doesn't support a native RGB video signal (like older models).

Now, I would like to know if it is possible to make a modification on the motherboard to gain RGB signal, because the quality of normal USA signal is poor (almost on my TV, i don't know on yours).

If it is not possible to have RGB on that model do you know which older models of PS2 USA supports the signal?

Thanks in advance
Alex from italy


Buongiorno! (sp? :( )

You have to be careful with the RGB out on a PS2; it's set in software. When shipped, it's set to component video out (lame American substitute for RGB) that shares the pins with RGB. In the PS2 options menu there should be an option to set video from component video to RGB. Then, your SCART cable should work great. That is, if your TV can support NTSC video, which I've heard almost all do. Hope you get it working!


Many thx!!!!
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Erm why should his TV supporting NTSC matter if he is using RGB? RGB is not NTSC and cares nothing about any NTSC colour data.


Ok no problems. I see a perfect RGB signal with a standard european TV color (non multi-standard). I simply use an RGB scart cable (sold for Ps2 european models) and the software set on RGB.
Many thx again!