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Powe ON power OFF XVI

Started by emerald danjon, April 26, 2016, 07:13:11 AM

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emerald danjon

Hello all,
i have a problem with mi XVI big tower,the button for power on the machine is bad,and sometimes just stop the machine.

if  rub """"REALLY SOFTLY""""  the button the computer start again...,

im sure the button is bad,not the pin solders under the button,that is tested and is ok,

so i want know if someone have the pinout of the button...the solder pin codes for try put the computer always in"ON",
and just disconnect from the plug...,

i want do this cause i dont have an easy way "tools" for desolder the 6 pins button from the PCB,so i think can be a way to solder a cable between the pins for have the Comp always in "ON"MODE,

thanks in advance :),