Commodore 1702

Started by kendrick, April 02, 2016, 06:55:55 AM

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Hey guys. If you want to talk about where in the hell I've been, feel free to PM me.

So I've been crazy busy and trying to clean up, and while I'm loathe to give up anything related to gaming I also understand intellectually that there just isn't room for everything I want to have. And so, among the many things that might leave the house this weekend, the one that currently causes me a lot of pain is the Commodore 1702.

If you've never seen one of these before, it's a very interesting CRT. The C-64 natively produced chroma and luma video signals (in a way not too dissimilar to what came out of the Atari 2600) and so the 1702 had a bizarre input on the back where it accepted separate chroma and luma via two RCA jacks. It was lovely at the time, and being able to misuse the monitor for other systems was really nice in an era where S-video input wasn't at all common. It's also got a lovely, chunky power button that slides into the housing like nothing manufactured after 1994, and it's really satisfying hum and curved glass surface. But even I can tell that I'm reaching for sentimental, stupid reasons to love the thing.

Can anybody help me concoct a reason to hang on to this thing? I'm really loathe to give it up at all, but if there's some undiscovered capability or joy in this thing, I'd love to hear about it.


I used to have one, I landed up recycling it as I really didn't have a need for one. There were not rare by any means. If it had RGB, I would have kept it. Its basically a tuner-less TV that happened to have S-Video before it officially existed.


Flip it. Plenty of Commodore collectors out there will pay a non-zero amount for one, even with shipping. Especially if the front flip-down door is intact.

As with all things Commodore, Ray Carlsen has a pretty good guide on how to ship these monitors.