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hacking a snes

Started by Nuvalo, January 08, 2004, 09:02:11 PM

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I�ve been looking for the snes and rom format to use the snes as a cartridge reader, is it possible?the other question is , cat it be stored in a disk, using the parallel port for instance?
I suppose that it is possible to write a program in the snes code and let it read the cartridge information,store in the snes memory and after send that data to the parallel port and be readen.Of course its needed to build a i/o board that connect the cartridge, the snes and the pc.
�It is possible or I am crazy?
other question, nyone knows how its built a pendrive?(how to use its pinouts)
thanks a lot


oh my God, you are so good...
nobody thought about it before you !!!!
otherwise it could have maybe spawned a multi-million dollars industry in china for example...
people could have even called these devices copiers or doctors...

let me are 13 and just discovered the snes...
maybe soldered your first resistor too ?

I have nothing against newbies, but do at least one google search before looking like an idiot...

ok I might be in a bad mood...

here is a pointer to compensate:



joder que listo eres macho, tengo 20 a�os una supernintendo mucho tiempo que perder , la carrera de inform�tica terminada y los suficientes conocimients para crear un lector de cartuchos, lo,unico que necesito es saber los voltages imb�cil, esa p�gina la tengo m�s que vista, para que te enteres subnomal y tengas un poco de respeto, quiz� mi nivel de inglr�s no sea perfecto as� que coge un traductor y te metes ese post por el culo


Sorry, this is an English forum.  If you're going to insult someone for being rude, you'll have to do it in English.  =)


Yeah, only english here. CC_Devil not replied in sugar and candies mood, but it's no excuse para comportarse como un anormal.

By the way, how did you finished the university with only 20 yo? or you did an  Associate Degree?

Anyway here you have some info that can be useful:

CHN Console Dev

It's a copier, not a reader, but it have lots of useful tech info.

Last time I help you if you continue acting that way.


Ok, maybe I got carried away...

I'm not sure insulting me in Spanish will put me in a better mood though...
Maybe if you had insulted me in a more gutural language like german or norwegian I would have been more scared hence cooperative ?
By the way English is not my first language either so I could get down to your level and insult you in French too...

Anyway, the gist of my post was merely to point out that you are 15 years too late and that some really gifted chinese engineers already did all the work...
I know what it feels like, I have just found out that somebody had stolen my idea of fridge packs for soda cans ;-)

I am not sure what voltages you need but there is a great invention called a voltmeter that you could use...

Also this kind of hacking is frowned upon in these forums, so I won't mention that sells the stuff you're looking for...

You are welcome...

Your friendly european neighbor...



sorry for that post, i had a bad day and i didnt uderstood what you told me, i thought that you were teasing me and i responded in that way like un anormal, so sorry to all the forum, thanks to madmalkav that�s what i  was looking for, and again : sorry  


Welcome to the forum, nuvalo.  Please feel free to sign up for a permanent membership any time.  =)


I was looking for info like this too, i don't want to dump ROMs, i acctually wanna test homebrew Genny software and game edits. is there any advice on building an EEPROM cardridge and it's writer?
Why are you reading this?


This kind of mod is all over the web.  Try searching google for 'parallel port reader/writer' for the console of your choice.  In Japan I've seen kits for sale that read carts, but I haven't seen any that will write them, that's quite a bit more complicated.  Might be best to just purchase a cart copier.


I dunno about building a genesis EEPROM cart, but... I know you can buy the carts all over the web.

Feeling Scared? ^_~


dale nuvalo, no da ni para calentarse hay mucha gente por ahi que se creen dioses y vienen con esas cosas, lamentablemente los chinos ya han echo ese tipo de cosas, recuerdo haber visto en un micromania un dispositvo llamado "magic snes" o algo asi, lo vendian en buenos aires y haca en uruguay tambien, era un disketera de 3,1/2 comun y corriente conectada a un lector, que copiaba los cartuchos en floppys, creo que lo fabricaba bung (lamentablemente murieron), los voltages los puedes encontrar en los esquemas que hay por todas partes del snes, creo que en la pagina de assembler estan.


切り刻んでいるものをについてのそれからmaybe は詳細を学ぶことすれば互いにまっすぐであるそしてこの場所の多数のlaguages を許可する必要性に民を住まわせる。

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Gentlemen!  English only, please.  All further non-English posts will be nuked.


i know this may not be an appropriate question because iv seen ppl told off for posting about piracy.. but its an old system and i like playing around with my doctor to look at games NOT released to australia or that are very difficult to get..

is there any way to get around lockout protection and the message that says game copying is an offence? they still come up with 50 and 60hz and a disabled lockout chip


Buy a system from the NTSC territory. It's cheap and easy.


i have, thats not the problem.. the problem is that some roms detect that they are in a game copying device and come up with "this game will not run while inserted into a game copying device" or a similar message like that..