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Game Photos!

Started by NFG, February 17, 2016, 07:46:13 AM

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Not many of you know my occupation now is photographer, down here in Australia.  I mostly photograph athletes and performers, but I've always wanted to put together a portfolio of awesome game hardware images, and so I've started doing that.  It's not as easy as it might have been before the floods took 90% of my gear, but I'm managing to get some cool images.

If you're into that sort of thing, please follow my NFGgames instagram, which automatically updates my previously unused NFGgames twitter account.

Anyway, I'm posting some pics I like and I crave attention, so follow along and/or tell all your friends maybe?  =D

That is all.  Carry on.  ^_^

(If you like strong bodies, you can also check out the NFGphoto instagram)


 Hi Lawrence !

Really love your work. The first thoughts that came to my mind when seeing the hardware pics was:

1) The photos look classy, especially due to the carefully selected shading effects, just like if they have been made for a promotional poster by the manufacturer. The absence of promotional text or game screenshots make them quite unique.
2) It's been ten years since you published the "Character Design for Mobile Devices: Mobile games, icons, and pixel art" book. Is this a sneak preview of your upcoming book ?
3) Where is NEO-GEO AES ? ;)

Keep the scene alive !
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Haha, I don't have enough hardware left to make a new book.  My collection is weak and pathetic.  =(

No NeoGeo for the near future, because flood.  I tried to do an old-style stick and it was too badly scratched up.  All my good condition or new units are lost.  =/

Maybe I'll shoot a mud-covered unit.  =)