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The Ys mystery

Started by kamiboy, February 29, 2016, 07:07:57 PM

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Quote from: TheRealAnubis on May 22, 2021, 10:56:28 AMHi,

This is great news!  Is there a way to use these images on an actual Expert if I don't have the fdx68?


Other than finding someone close to you who can write some floppies with their FDX68, you can't unfortunately.

You can use the images on XM6_TypeG as it supports the FDX format natively. So you can still pay the game regardless!

Do yourself a favour and get yourself an FDX68, it's a fantastic piece of hardware. I had some initial issues but compatibility improves with every software release. It's now very reliable and excellent for backing up your original software. The floppies won't last forever, which is why we should be building a repository to preserve them in my opinion.



Thanks for letting me know.  That'll save me time searching.  If I ever get time I'll try and get one!


Might anyone know how to delete the saved games on the user disk?
My Wanderers from Ys seems to have all 3 slots taken up with maxed out end of game saves. I'd like to be able to start from the beginning.

Thanks in advance.



check out post #36 in this thread. A new user disk is easily created :-)


Has anyone had success getting a HDD install? I don't mean running a bootleg off hard disk, but the actual install of ys3 to hdd? The manual states to refer to the reference card, which (unless I am interpreting it wrong) says to hold Opt.1 and F10 when booting from the scenario disk. I can only get it to create a new user disk on floppy. Can it not be installed to an internal SCSI2SD drive? I'm wondering if it only works with an external or if I'm just doing it wrong.