Trying to transfer an .EXE into a disk image to run using an emulator

Started by impomatic, February 22, 2016, 10:45:41 PM

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I have an .EXE file for Jintori (a programming game similar to Core War on a 2D grid). I'd like to run it in an emulator but I have no idea how to transfer it to a .FDI image.  Is there a utility to do the transfer (or an emulator which will just run the .EXE)?

I found the binary at (unfortunately I couldn't find the manual or examples).




Open an FD or HD image with Disk Explorer ( and then drag and drop the .exe file.


Fantastic, thanks for your  help. Jintori is up and running now  :D


I need to run something on a pc-98 and want to create my own disk image to drop the exe in. How do I do it?
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