Splitting files across multiple disks

Started by kamiboy, February 28, 2016, 06:19:31 AM

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My X68000 is back in action and it is now time for me to update the files a bit sinceva lot has happened since the Baller HDD image was made. Ideally I would just pop out the old CF card and update it via a PC, but my CF solution has buried the card too deep for easy access.

My only choice is the slow floppy copy method. Does anyone know if it is possible to create a multi file archive of a folder?

You know, like zip a large folder into a series of disk sized chunks that can be copied over and unzipped into the original whole easily?

Sure would make things easier as then I could copy new games over from the new HDD images using an emulator and a bunch of floppies.


Screw that, just pickup a SCSI CD-ROM drive and burn some CD-Rs. 


Well, if I wanted to go with a solution that cost more than the round sum of 0 I have a few options available to me.

But I want the clunky, gratis solution for now.


 Hi Kamiboy!

Use "A:\BIN\COPY2.X" from the HDD V4 image. The program is translated to English.

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Bwahaha, a smidgen too late old boy. I wrote my own file spilt/merge tool last night.