x68000 XVI HD and external SCSI Aztecmonster

Started by pstriolo, February 08, 2016, 11:07:32 PM

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Dear all,

I have just purchased an aztecmonster interface to put a compact flash with eidi's HDD image.

I plan to put the interface in an external SCSI enclosure connected on the external SCSI port of the machine. The aztecmonster is set to SCSI ID 2 at the moment but it can be changed of course.

My XVI HD has also an internal hard disk drive and by default boot on it.

If i want to choose to boot on the external SCSI aztemonster first, what is the configuration i have to do ?



Normal SCSI rules should apply - so make sure your external (or whatever the preferred device is) device has the lowest (or at least lower) SCSI ID in the chain than the other device.

Also, switch.x may have a list of options (it's the second choice I believe - you can cycle through all possible boot options). If setting the preferred device to the lowest ID in the chain doesnt work, check switch.x (and with the external device connected), and see if itll show up in the list.