My WTB list: slot covers, original mouse, capkit, floppy spare, psu spare

Started by akdme, January 25, 2016, 03:25:10 AM

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I updated my post & title to reflect updates of my WTB list:

expansion slot covers (I am hoping for 2, but any amount will do)

original x68000 mouse

cap kit for both super x68000 and x68030

spare (refurbed) floppy 5" floppy drive

spare (refurb) psu

I am in the US.



I found my slot covers and original mouse.

Still looking for:

capkit for a x68030

Spare PSU (recapped or maybe a converted ATX one)

Spare cleaned floppy drive (5")

Internal SCSI cable for a x68030 (Mine came with a 2.5" drive, but no cable :( ).