Have you seen this person: (picture of Master Lydux)

Started by kamiboy, January 20, 2016, 02:47:31 AM

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This is a call out to Lydux. A wizard tier coder extraordinaire who, in the past, would occasionally pop out in these here parts and impart with arcane knowledge on the inner workings of that black monolith that we all love.

Anywaste, once upon a time he made a development toolchain for the X68000 which I have been using. Alas said toolchain is incomplete, thus I cannot use it to start some potentially cool small projects for the X68000. Specifically a custom game launcher front end.

So this post is designed to appeal to him to perhaps return to and complete his work on the toolchain, so I can get started on said project.


He didn't log in since last July.I know for sure he is very busy with his job.Anyway, I have his personal e-mail address so I could try to contact him and see what's going on.


That would be nice. I do not think he has done anything with the toolchain since 2012. Back in 2013 we had started talking about getting debugging to work as well, that would have been a very welcome addition.

Can't blame the man though, while I have always prioritized my life around having oceans of free time, which I waste doing nothing at all, I understand that some people out there can be a smidgen more ambitious than that.