PC Engine LT - Completely Dead

Started by NFG, December 12, 2015, 01:28:32 PM

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So I fired up my PCE LT today, hoping to play a little Soldier Blade on the couch while I've got a cold, and it doesn't do anything.  The power light comes on, but there's no other action.  No light in the screen, no sound, no indication at all that it's functioning beyond the power LED.

I opened it up and looked for the usual culprits, but I found no loose wires, no bad caps, no worn or disconnected cables.

I haven't got my multimeter to hand, and I'm not likely to go get it while I'm under the weather, so while I wait I thought I'd see if anyone here had any suspicions about the cause of my trouble.


 Hi Lawrence !

The state of capacitors can not be accurately judged by visual inspection alone. They can look perfectly fine but due to age have incorrect values and no longer perform as they should. Also check your power supply. If it supplies correct voltage, then replace capacitors in your console. By the way, could your PCE LT be suffering from the same symptoms as X68000 Compacts who have broken traces beneath the SMD capacitors because of their leakage ?

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Yeah, that's the advice I've been getting.  I've been investigating a full tantalum recapping, but holy crap, minimum orders and high prices and sizes.  What a hassle.  =/