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Started by hyperneogeo, September 23, 2015, 05:27:41 PM

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Since there is very little information (accurate and detailed I should say) on the net about overclocking in either Japanese or English, I was thinking we should once and for all write up a guide on how to do it and make a little overclocking pcb that can be installed with ease. I'd say about 95% of all the overclocking mods that are done look incredibly ghetto and I think this would solve the problem. I was thinking about this when I saw this guy that is known for making a ton of doujin parts for the x68k and sells them on yaj. (He makes an clock selector pcb for the 030, but not xvi/super/expert) Any thoughts?


I have eagle schematics for an x68000 expert overclock mod. I haven't gotten around to publishing it yet though. I drew diagrams and other instructions as well.

Also, do you know where i can buy this clock selector board?


You would have to email him as he doesn't offer it on yaj yet.


nevermind it doesn't work on the compact 030


Does overclocking a 10Mhz system make that much difference since the system bus has to remain at 10Mhz for memory timing etc?
So to me, not really worth the effort.
I would like to overclock my Compact however, and believe the gains would be greater.
Since the 'Red Zone' model is 24Mhz, this must be achievable on a standard model somehow.

I waiting for someone to come up with and simple and easy solution to achieve this before I try it  :P
I'm not really bothered about a 3 option solution (i.e. 10, 16 & 24 like the Red Zone), a straight forward 10Mhz & 24Mhz (instead of 16Mhz) would be fine for me...

Failing that a 10Mhz & 20Mhz solution would also be good (standard and double speed) ;)


My mod will take an EXPERT from 10 to 17MHz

It is quite noticeable. However, there are many reasons why one should avoid overclocking, so i removed the mod. I do have the info if anybody wants it. I'll post it on the wiki once i get a chance.