Best buying source for X68000 games

Started by kamiboy, July 01, 2015, 06:57:35 PM

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Now, I know the obvious answer is, Yahoo auctions, but the selection on there is slim and sporadic, even though the price of things are fair whenever they do show up. But are there any other online sources for buying X68000 games? Something with better selection of fairly priced games.

Also, outside of online sources, the few times I've been to Japan I've hit as many retro shops as I could find, but whenever I asked them where all their X68000 games are they say that they do not carry computer games. I suppose they do not want to deal with the headache of selling used games on a fragile magnetic medium prone to spontaneous failure.

But then, what kind of recycle shop would carry X68000 stuff in Japan, if any. If anyone knows any, especially in Oasaka or Tokyo please let it be known.

Mind you, I want these games as collectors objects, so the actual functionality of the disks themselves is of no consequence.


There are no stores in Osaka or Tokyo that have any real selection of X68000 games worth speaking of.  Super Potato in Akiba will often have like 5 or so, but typically trash you don't want.

Beep Shop has some stuff, but it's way overpriced and they put the good stuff on yahoo anyway.

The only place left with a decent selection is suruguya.  But if you are a collector you should be aware that they really have no idea what they are doing.  If a game is listed by title it should have box and manual.  They do not mention extras.  They have no pictures either so condition is total luck.  A few years ago I bought a computer from them and they actually forgot to ship me the monitor that came with it.  They apologized and I got it the following week, but how do you forget a freaking MONITOR?

They are strange with pricing, if they only have one of an item and it sells, the next one they get will be higher priced, sometimes stupidly high, and every week it doesnt sell they slowly lower the price.

They do not deal outside of Japan but proxies are ok.  Overall most of the collectors avoid them as you never really know what you are going to get.  But I have gotten some very good deals from them over the years....  If you choose to use them, just assume that sooner or later you will get burned.


My wishlist for the X68000 is not very long, so I might be willing to take a chance for the right price. Alas, proxies always make things so much more expensive. It would be so much more fun to go shopping for a bargain in a physical store in Japan.

I've been to Super Potato many times, I've never seen a X68000 game in there. Besides, Super Potato is basically a tourist trap these days, their prices are often outragous.


In 2001 in Akihabara there used to be this shop along the HEY! side of the highstreet, half way up, I think it's a Yellow Submarine now, which was just crammed packed with shelves and shelves of fully boxed X68000 games for about a fiver to fifteen quid a pop tops (old Japanese computer games were painfully unfashionable then the World over).  It was the first time I had handled the games as despite being hyped upon the format`s release in the English gaming press, import gamers were too in love with their PC Engines to really care so much. 

We took photos.  Them were the days.

Time machine?   ;D


That'd be Max Load, there were two locations in Akihabara, and they were about the only places to find X68k stuff.  Good prices, good condition, good staff.  I miss 'em terribly.

Also missing from that same building is Gamer's Ark, the best place to get gamesharks, multi-carts, GameLab magazine and other wonderful hacking stuff.


Gamer's Ark : I used to pay them a visit as well when I was there. They were also one the of the places selling import US games :D
I bought my XRGB3 there for some reason, maybe they were selling them marginally cheaper than in Messe Sanoh or Sofmap.

Back on topic : the retrogame shop spanning small 2 floors in the building next to G-Front has also a couple X68k games once in a while and a few FM-Towns games as well.

Otherwise there is one "Softshop Akari" on one of the main streets of Kamakura that still has a few X68k games gathering dust, at least they had 1.5 years ago when I last visited the place.
Bought there a "new" although quite sun-faded boxed Cybercore (that I recently sold to someone on the forum).,139.552524,3a,57.1y,284.46h,102.05t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1saYnIRAyP6NAiuYcdhG1Dpw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656