Drop in version of Batari AV + Pause mod for 4+6 switchers

Started by Game-Tech.us, August 19, 2015, 11:43:05 AM

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After a very long time of revising the pcb, I may have finally settled on a design that will work in the 4 and 6 switcher atari's that the TIA is socketed. It's a drop in av and pause mod board, only wires to solder are the output jacks or cord, only one resistor to cut and one switch to wire if you want to use the pause mod. There is a couple jumpers to set for using pause mod or not. I actually use the 3-4 channel select switch most of the time to initiate pause, I may have already detailed how to do it in an older vid I made, but will prolly write up instructions for installation as well as make more vids.
I don't plan to sell individual kits, i'll leave that to stoneagegamer.com, but might take bulk orders from installers etc. I have my first order in with Myro for a fab and assemble job for the tg-16 region mod pcb, if that goes well i'll move forward with an order for this board.
Once I have more concrete info like price and availability i'll post it here.