Review: GDEMU Dreamcast solid-state GD-ROM replacement

Started by NFG, March 22, 2015, 08:20:43 AM

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I recently received one of deunan's GDEMU SD-card units for the Dreamcast.

GDEMU Review.

Executive summary: The GDEMU is a great addition to your Dreamcast, making multi-game loading a Real Thing. It doesn't make your system region-free or fix the video output or solve the voltage problem, but it's still awesome and it's got me playing Dreamcast again, which is no bad thing.


Thanks for the review. I wish such a device would exist for the PCE CD-ROM or Duo.


denunan's RHEA (the Saturn SD card loader) was a side project to fill time between Dreamcast and PCEngine development.  Now that it's more or less wrapped up, I believe the PC Engine is next. 

And so it is time to really get a handle on PCE CD images, I guess.  ;)


I think i have a complete collection of pce cd images sitting in my hdd somewhere. Downloaded them a while ago with the premonition that something like this would happen. I just heard about the gdemu and the rhea recently, and it has made me really excited for the coming pce development.

The 64dd progress recently is also noteworthy!

Thanks for writing up a review, Lawrence!


I'm only really interested in playing my own library, so I ripped all my own discs to an uncompressed format.  Most PCE images online have MP3 soundtracks, which pisses me off.  I've had trouble ripping them all too, I need to work that out.

Last night I started ripping all my Dreamcast games too.  I've been unable to find them all in a proper GDI format, many are either unavailable or are in formats with compressed or missing audio and other changes. 

But I'm quite happy that the tools for ripping Dreamcast games are so easy to use.  The hardest part was finding some software to change the settings of my broadband adaptor.  Once that was underway, I was ripping with ease.  =)


Hello here
@Lawrence : did/will you order the Rhea ?



Is there anyway to buy a GDEMU or Rhea? by the time I heard about either project the "ordering info" page just said "pre-orders closed".


Did you even check the GDEMU page?

"Because of this I have started planning for the next [release] – which is currently scheduled to begin on the second week of June. This might still be moved a bit if necessary but it's the time window I'm aiming for."

Right there on the front page.  =)

As for the RHEA, you might have to ask Deunan.


I guess I misinterpreted what he was saying, I took it to mean the next batch of people who had already ordered one.


TS good to see you bud. I remember you from my brief days on Xbox-Scene years ago (I think I was banned by someone for questioning a moderator, lol)
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Quote from: RobIvy64 on June 11, 2015, 09:39:54 AM
TS good to see you bud. I remember you from my brief days on Xbox-Scene years ago (I think I was banned by someone for questioning a moderator, lol)

good 'ol XS, someone recently resurrected that site and then the forum went back offline and I don't think anyone has any idea why. even in the moderator sub-forum no one had any idea what was going on, lol.

can't say I'm surprised to see you here, I feel like your name pops up whenever I come across technical video game stuff :)


If anyone is interested Pre-orders for Rhea and GDEMU are open again.