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Mixing the CM 500

Started by cometclean, September 14, 2017, 06:34:04 AM

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I recently procured a Roland CM-500 and my plan is to use this along with my SC-88. I currently do my mixing through the sc88 which than goes out to a pair of Roland MA 8's.. I will probably end up running everything through a proper 4 channel mixer at some point but for the time being I am wondering if I could mix my CM-500 through the MA-8? I'm thinking I can output from the CM-500's headphone output to the speakers headphone input (luckily the MA 8 has to rca inputs as well as a 1/8' jack input, but I don't know if both can be mixed or if just one signal will be chosen)


You mean run the CM-500 audio out to the MA-8's Mic input?  Should work, but Mic inputs are mono...
The headphone port on the MA-8 is an output, not an input.