3 Doujin Releases - SVS, Core Bress and Dancing Sword

Started by hyperneogeo, April 25, 2015, 04:10:35 AM

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Core Bress (1992 Profix): https://www.dropbox.com/s/sj2ij7xpmfymypi/Core%20Bress%20%281992%29%28Profix%20Staff%29.rar?dl=0

Dancing Sword (1997 Phanks): https://www.dropbox.com/s/65vh3imc41xuoyb/Dancing%20Sword%20%281997%29%28Phanks%29.rar?dl=0

SVS (Side View Shooting by T. Fujino 1994): https://www.dropbox.com/s/scilocvsonczx1v/SVS%20%281994%29%20%28T%20Fujino%29.rar?dl=0

Core Bress ( a puzzle shmup if that makes sense) and SVS are shmups...Dancing Sword is a sort of speed game.

Thanks to all who donated, enjoy!



Thanks for dumping these! I don't see any xdf files in the SVS archive though, only the readme PDF.


Good Job! Thanks Hyperneogeo. Pretty sure i donated.

There is no XDF File in the SVS Archive by the way




Boot SVS from drive 1 and you get

F-1 Family Circus Circuit Twin

A nice little racing game  ;)


Yeah I saw that when I tried to boot the game off the disk itself (via command). The autoexec in the home directory does that...it's interesting.


Also guys remember, if you spot a undumped doujin that isn't a mahjong/porn game or quiz game..please let me know and I'll buy it / dump it with donation funds. After dumping it...I will resell it to people who are interested in the original disk for 1/2 price.


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necroing this in hopes someone can reup SVS.
was a bit late to the party unfortunately, would really appreciate if someone could help.

I looked through the archives but this doesnt seem to be added?

If someone can be nice enough to help, we should definitely upload it to the archive here for preservation sake.

thanks ahead of time.  8)


Hello, I can help, I re-uploaded it here:



*EDIT APRIL 2018: URL expired, if someone needs them, let me know to re-upload them.
From Mexico City... Amigo-Mexicano!
Also known as: "compil3r" || video-juegos.com