[SOLD] Selling my X68000 PRO (California) - Will ship in USA

Started by Segasonicfan, March 09, 2015, 05:22:42 PM

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Hi folks,
  So the time has come for me to sell off this beast.  I'm very grateful to Eidis & BlueBMW and others that helped me get this setup going.  It has a new power supply installed (not OEM but much better and safer with a lot more protection).   

*I can ship in USA but may have to do separate packing for the computer tower*
Cotton is SOLD

Asking $500 for the lot and taking offers.  I can split items up but I do want to keep the keyboard with the system though, since I remember how hard it was to track that down when I bought this unit.

Here are pics and videos of the system running:


Everything works 100% including the kickass built-in speaker.  Floppy drives were cleaned and regreased 6 months ago and work great.  There is one cover on the expansion slots that does not appear to be stock, though it looks like it could be from another X68000 unit.  The paint matches perfectly and all, it just oddly does not fit (reversed n photo so it could screw on)

Bezel looks very clean but has a couple very tiny cracks, only one that's noticeable without very careful inspection in the upper left corner.  and there are your typical minor scratches and scuffs around the unit from age and people in Japan stacking stuff on them :P

Overall I think this is above average shape considering it is a heavy 25 year+ old system from another continent.

It also comes with:

-Fantastic Night Dreams Cotton game (Near mint except for box which has some slight shelf wear around edges)
-1MB RAM upgrade CZ-6BE1A (for 2MB total)
-GKA-AT68 PS/2 Keyboard adapter
-PS/2 Keyboard (x2) for the PC and X68000 (including a black one)
-PC with *NEW* TEAC drive installed for making floppy images.  These are a pain to find since they need a motherboard that supports 5.25" floppy 1.2MB writing.  This has Omniflop and everything you need ready to go.  Also has a SCSI card installed.
-Custom made Controller adapters for Neo-Geo arcade pads / sticks
-Custom RGB 15pin to DB15 (VGA style) connector
-Also kept with it is the original (broken) power supply.  It had some repairs and chips replaced so now it outputs the standby +5v but I am too afraid to plug it in, lol.

The only thing needed to get you going is a downscan converter for some of the 31khz games.  If you have a multisync monitor, XPC-4, or (I think) XRGB-2 then you can do it (there's an option in the menu I saw once).  There are cheap downscan converters on ebay and stuff too.

MY WEBSITE: https://segasonicfan.wixsite.com/retro
I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


Also, throwing in a FREE arcade table to play games on.  Custom built with Sanwa buttons and a Seimitsu stick and will also work with any Neo Geo setup.

MY WEBSITE: https://segasonicfan.wixsite.com/retro
I design PCBs for retro game systems :)