Need info / help about my snes pal mod.

Started by DragonWater, March 07, 2015, 07:26:59 AM

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Hello guys,

I am new to this form and hope i could get some help over here.

Thing is that i have problems with gaming on my snes that is modded this way : SNES Region Mod - Part 1 and 2 (on youtube).

I did it the same way like he did on that video.

But my mistake was that i broke the region chip pin 4,
i kind of connected with a cable and used hotglue to keep it in place.

Heard that i don't need the switch for the region chip (pin 4) but some games wont work?

I noticed that Japanese games reset alot while playing, example mariokart from japan shows the nintendo logo when you turn it on,
well i am getting that logo from time to time.

And i noticed that i have a 2.2k ohm 1W resistor and i need one that is 1/4 of that?
The screen is acting kind of wierd when you switch it to 60hz.

Well i hope this form can help me out.



Welcome to GamesX. Sorry to hear about your wonky mod, but I think you've pretty much identified the problem already. As an electrical connection, hotglue isn't going to be reliable. Even when it's dry, it's got too much water in it to be an effective insulator, and it's way too flexible to maintain contact. So my guess is, you've got a situation where pin 4 on the region chip is randomly connecting and disconnecting from the board, which  might happen when you get expansion from heat.

If it were me, I'd try to remove the whole region chip and then reseat it with a replacement pin that's fixed on both ends with fresh solder. But if you broke off too much of pin 4, then you may have to replace the whole chip outright.


Thx Kendrick,

Yeah it was my first mod and was happy it worked, but yes if its been turned on for a while then it happends.
The resets all over the place... but it won't happen with pal/usa games only Japanese games.

What about not using the pin 4 of the region chip?
I only noticed that donkey kong country 2 (pal) give me the message this wont work on your super famicom,
when i use 60hz but on 50hz the game works fine even with lockout chip turned on or off.

I got my self a new snes and will sure get another try.

But best is just to use electical tape to keep the pins and cables in place?
Hotglue is best for holding the cables then i guess?

And the resistor that is 1W is that a problem with the screen that kind of shakes and goes dark and lighter ?
On 50hz there is no problem.

Thx for the reply.