PC9821 XE 10/4 CD Rom Install - HELP

Started by fredohenriquez, February 05, 2015, 09:44:23 PM

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Hi guys!

Im trying to install a CD Rom Drive on my PC9821 XE 10/4 and Im not being able to.
Tried full 6.20 install and didnt worked. Tried the boot disk mentioned here on a topic and didnt worked.
Im using a Mitsumi CD drive and it says that the CD_101 device could not be found.

I have 3 ports on the motherboard, one for floppy (2 floppies connected) and 1 IDE with a dual cable (HD connected and CD Rom connected on the same cable).

Do I need to use the 3rd empty port just for the CD Rom?

Any thoughts?




I got it working. As always this platform surprises me in a different manner each way.
What I did? I used the same cable/port for both things, HDD and CDROM drive.
What I made different? CD Rom drive is set as Primary and HDD is set as secondary drive, never seen that kind of set up before.

And, Im using NECCDM.SYS drivers by the way.



good to know that. by the way, you have a pc98 that use a vga port. do you have any issue for the display for any old game? I hear that some game don't support the 31khz.