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Started by djlooka, January 13, 2015, 06:13:48 AM

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Hi all,
Here's my last project: the BMO BOY!

I love Adventure Time and this is my tribute to BMO, the robot/friend/home console character :)

BMO naturally resembles a Game Boy and I have been thinking about this project for a long time; to be fair, I have found at least other 2 people have done the same (but I like mine better! xD).

It's essentially a custom painted (and slightly modded) Game Boy (model DMG-01).

Parts used:

  • Original case, painted with a spray can (custom colour);
  • Hand made screen cover (out of a 1.2mm board of semi-matte polyester);
  • ASM Retro's Screen cover adhesive;
  • Kitsch-bent's buttons (A, B, Start & Select, DPad);
  • Hand made "fake buttons" (triangle and cartridge eject);
  • ASM Retro's Density Backlight (white);
  • Thursday customs' HEX DMG v1.3 display inverter.
Work log here:

Extra features:

  • Custom ROM programmed by yours truly, which displays BMO's cute face;
  • Box art (to be printed and assembled).
I'm not 100% happy about the screen cover adhesive, and also since I had to manually redo some details on the BMO caption on the sides, the letters' edges aren't very sharp.
Anyway here are more photos :)

"Lights off"


Original box scan

My box art


That is seriously cool.  I'm not an Adventure Time fan, but of the three eps I've seen, one of them had BMO in it.  So I definitely appreciate the reference.  =D