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Started by hyperneogeo, January 08, 2015, 06:14:16 PM

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So I've been trying for a bit to get this working with games. From what I can see...the games ignore the board and boot to FM mode (a good example is Castlevania).

So I found this: http://nfggames.com/X68000/Mirrors/Groundzero%20Organization/x68tools/gametool/patch/POLYPHON/sacom_p.lzh and took a look at the install manual. It basically says:

*Install Method: Format the disk, and include the below files
(all those files)
Config.sys, Autoexec.bat are to be used from the included archive
Getting it to work:
Boot up the disc you just made
and at that time press F1 for MT-32 Mode and F2 for CM-64 mode...if you don't press anything, it will default to the normal FM mode
After that, the disc will eject and put in the game you want to play
And then you will be able to play the game like normal

This looks like it's for some comic adventure game "38万キロの虚空" but I was wondering if it was a rather easy process to force other games to recognize the polyphon?

I see others as well, Final Fight (sounds nice!), Street Fighter...so it doesn't seem like it's limited.


 Hi Hyperneogeo !

As far as I can tell, the PATCH directory contains only game specific POLYPHON patches. Have you tried using the polyphon.sys driver or changing the POLYPHON ID ?

Polyphon driver

POLYPHON - FPU, MIDI, PCM, 8MB memory board

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