X68000 and his Arcade ports

Started by emerald danjon, January 19, 2015, 03:40:45 AM

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emerald danjon

Hi all.
is true that about capcom use the same programs from CPS1 for X68000?,
for program this games Capcom Reprogram much things?,
I have that curiosity about CPS1 Hardware and X68000,the X68000 is not emulating an CPS and the result is really great,
I guess the hardware has to be very similar,and this make think about convert others never release games for X68000 ,
i dont know maybe Knight of the Rounds on X68000 would be great  :D,

sorry if this looks stupid,but I always had this doubt...

┬┐How Capcom convert this games from CPS to two 5/25 disk...?,
have a nice day,


Yes, it's true.Due similarities Caccom designers/engineers used X68000 hardware to test code of their CPS1 games.
But there is only a slight difference : X68000 hardware is very reliable while CPS1 one is awful!  :D (I can say this for sure since I've repaired a lot of CPS1 PCBs)

emerald danjon

awesome! what a pity Capcom don't do more of their Soft...,
Thanks for the info,


Good point,

If capcom used the X68000 to test/develop their games, why aren't most of them available for the X68000?  ???


Probably there were marketing strategies behind.

emerald danjon

And is X68000 this Kind of platform easy for programmers?,you know...in MSX a lot of games appears every year...,
is maybe realistic do a conversion of CPS games to X68000 system?,if the Code is the same...

I wonder this and think


but if it's the platform on which Capcom It tests their programs ... and it's a workstation ...,
i suppose the time and the team needed for a project like that..., made this impossible.


I read somewhere the X68k was used as the development platform for both Capcom and Konami, For a number of there titles that ran on there CPS 1 and Twin 16 boards. 

The part about Capcom using it for CPS1 development is well known.. but I'm not sure how true the part about Komani using it to develop there Twin 16 games are.

(one of the programmers makes a comment on how hard it was trying to squeeze every drop of performance out of the X68k when getting Gradius 2 fully running in it, with it only having a single 10Mhz 68k vs the dual 68k's of there Twin 16 board, in the developer notes on the Gradius 2 system disk.. so this might be partly be true as well.)

emerald danjon

Gradius 2 Gofer is really a awesome Arcade Port,
honestly hard for me to see differences between the arcade version and X68000,
I'm sure there are differences...,
so...good job from Konami,and nice Info about this notes in the Disk,