I'm on the Pulse of Purchasing a XRGB-mini...

Started by zedrein, December 15, 2014, 08:11:35 AM

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And at $349.99 with free shipping I doubt I'll see them any less expensive. However! Will I need to purchase a Euro SCART adapter with a sync-stripper built in?


I wish Micomsoft would have made our lives easier by simply keeping a Japanese 21-pin connector on the front panel and not the strange 8-pin DIN...


On recent firmware, you'll probably be perfectly fine without a sync stripper. If you want to use SCART cables, you can rewire the Japanese RGB adaptor that comes with the Framemeister.

I have a Mega Drive II hooked up using just its composite video for the sync. I have the sync level set to 13 and it's flawless.