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Started by zedrein, December 24, 2014, 08:50:59 AM

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While I recognize that most retro-gamers prefer the "purist" route when playing their favorite legacy titles (i.e. through the original hardware), I personally am content to use a emulation medium to relive my favorite games. The current platform of choice is my original Nintendo Wii + leagues of Virtual Console titles. For those few that may have forgot: the Wii outputs video at a maximum resolution of 480p via a Component (Y Pb Pr) connection. The picture through a CRT television is quite good! However in a quest to join the rest of society I am now utilizing a AOC LCD computer monitor to play my Wii (via a transcoder device that takes the Component signal and adapts it to a VGA signal). The picture quality at best is "meh". There is minimal to no colour bleeding thanks to the separation of the Luma, and Red and Blue signals courtesy of component video, and the signal is progressive but the visuals are very dull, not so sharp that they cut my eyes, as I prefer. I asked in another forum if I should purchase the XRGB-mini to upscale my retro games (classic titles are 99% of where I spend my time) and one user suggested that $350 would be too much for my setup. He instead linked my to a product called "Wii2HDMI" which can apparently upscale the Wii's output to 720p or 1080p - Does this sound like a better option than the Framemeister? Have any of you utilized this or any other more affordable upscaler with the Wii? I have faith in the Framemeister's abilities but I don't wish to spend hundreds of dollars if the answer I'm seeking is less than $50!

And just FYI, I would also need to purchase a HDMI to VGA "HD15, D-SUB" converter since my AOC monitor only came equipped with this standard connector, no DVI  :-\ Something like this seems like it would do the job well:


Beware, the HDMI-to-VGA converter does not support audio output.