GameCube Import Mod

Started by newbie, April 26, 2004, 10:40:32 PM

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does it work on a pal cube?



only ntsc cubes can be modded to play both us and jap games.



This begs a question that only occurred to me after reading your answer--can an NTSC GameCube be modded for RGB? I am guessing maybe it is like the late SNES or N64 where they just left out the connection, that would make it easier to make without very different internals across the different world regions. Has anyone looked into this?

Or was it all VGA-city from the good old Atari Labs board?


The only way to get RGB from a cube, and this is something I've been meaning to do, is to shove the PCB from Nintendo's component cable inside your cube and route the outputs to the unused RGB lines on the multi AV cable.  Of course this will make VGA a bit tricky, since there aren't enough unused pins in the connector for H+V Sync.  Now if you were to make a switch to disable, say, S-Video while the VGA is in use...  Hrm!  <Sound of grinding gears>  Now I have something to do today!


Getting RGB from a NTSC Cube can be done without making modifications to the cube.
But by modifying the Component cable it is possibly to get RGB from the Digital AV out connector.


Yeh, you can splice a digital and analog cable together. You get the RGB signals from the digital port and the sync and audio from the multi-out and combine them into whatever you need, for example a SCART cable in my case.
It's expensive to buy that digital cable just to hack it up though.