Defining selected line range in the EDITOR?

Started by H68k, December 18, 2014, 06:23:26 AM

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Ok.. this is kinda bugging the hell out of me now.. but how do you define the "selected line range" in the Human68k text editor to copy something?

I've tried searching around the Internet and mashing buttons.. but the damn thing just keeps beeping back at me in annoyance. all to no avail.


 Hi H68k !

Open any text file and use cursor keys to move to the line from which you want the selection to start and press F6 (Range). Now use cursor keys up or down until you have selected the required range. Now press either F7 (Cut) or F8 (Copy).

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Thank you eidis!

Seams a bit strange to me that they didn't bother with inverse coloring the selected lines or something.. Still, said feature is better than no feature at all.