Best compact combo for the wealthy gent

Started by kamiboy, November 24, 2013, 06:15:18 AM

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ROLF.  If you have that kinda of money, get a full size machine.  Compacts suck.


That compact comes with the ethereal  5.25 floppy reader. That in my eyes puts it in the same league as a tower VI.

It has more ram than you'll ever need, it is refreshed and includes a genuine monitor. Counting all the money and time I've sunk into my own Compact VI I'd say this would have been better investment from the start.

A refreshed, which is to say fully recapped, compact actually rocks in my opinion.


Nice setup but its a 68030... too many frustrating incompatibilities IMO.


Yeah, the two edged blade of the bleeding edge.

How many games give you trouble on a 030? Cannot be too many since they are in such high demand.


I think the high demand is due to developers. For instance, as we speak, Thunder Dragon 2 is being ported to x68000 by 1 of the guys who used to work at NMK.  8)
This port will not run on anything BUT an 030... or a heavily upgraded older model. Everyone I know in japan has an 030, and an XVI usually. (All my friends make games)


030's make a great secondary machine, anyone with an 030 already has a 16-bit machine sitting next to it.  I don't trust Compacts, even if fully refurbished, they are simply weird.  I've met quite a few Compact owners, on some of them MIDI works, and on others it doesn't, and nobody seems to know why.  Compacts are also missing the 3D goggle port, and while this is just window-dressing really, I simply can't accept the idea of spending so much on a purposely gimped machine.  I'd gladly take an 030C for cheap, but it would never replace my XVI.


Making new games for the X68000 which requires the 030 to run well, or at all is bad form in my opinion.

For shame. One should at most target 10mhz with a max of 2megs, if 1meg absolutely does not cut it. The game should be serviceable on such a setup with perhaps a tiny bump in performance on a IV.

That is how I would do it.


That might seem like the best solution from your perspective.

Its just not possible any other way though.
This person is doing it this way so it is an accurate port. Basically identical.
Im sure it could be altered for other machines, but it wouldnt be on par with the board.  ;)


Kamiboy is absolutely right.  Game programmers who make games for themselves, for the challenge and for the sheer, disgusting love of the craft, are doing it all wrong.  They should make games for the lowest common denominator.  Two colours, no sound, 400kHz max CPU.


190K Yen?! SERIOUSLY?!?!?

It maybe a complete system... but you'd be in patcher hell trying to get games to run on it...

I'd like a 030 model my self... for messing around with 'serious' software and other OS's for the X68k... but i just don't have the space for another. :-(


Targeting the higher end niche of any platform is a tendency of western PC developers and one of the reasons why I never could get into that platform.

As a programmer one always want the least amount of obstructions but as a game developer one surely wants to reach the largest pool of gamers so everyone can enjoy ones game.

I guess when doing a port your hands are kind of tied.


Someone pulled the trigger and actually bought it.



This RED ZONE is actually a nice setup, boxed and with all these original stuff, it is going to a high final value.
Hopefully it is fully working, otherwise, will be a frustrating experience.

But be aware that it is not an 68030 processor!