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sharp x1

Started by craiganderson, November 12, 2014, 05:55:15 AM

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user disks save data. they are necessary if you want to continue progress in the game ^_^. but if you don't need a save feature I guess its not necessary



Hello, I'd join this thread too if you don't mind.
I just got an X1 Twin and I'm starting to hunt software for it.
First question is if the Twin is a normal X1, since it is the last one.
But I think it is, therefore I can't run Turbo software on it.
Second is if you know of a disk-based basic instead of a cassette based one.
Thank you ;)


1.) The X1 Twin can not use turbo/turboz specific software but not tested on the original hardware.
However, the X1 Twin is a very nice hybrid machine.

2.) Check the Neo Kobe - Sharp X1 (2014-06-08) package and you will find it (HuBASIC CZ-8FB01).
HuBASIC CZ-8FB02/CZ-8FB03 is for the turbo/turboz machines.


Thank you so much, I'll check it!


anybody know the name of this sharp x1 game?
on one of the compilation disks it is called "Liplas"



anybody know how to load games off of the following colllection

[Compilation] Magazine type-in collection [FD].zip


problem solved


Follow up question: In order to load the japanese text named games from the type-in collection disks I have discovered that I can scroll up to the japanese text game names and type LOAD" before them and " after them and then I am able to load them. I am happy about this because I do not have Japanese symbols/fonts etc on my computer. The problem is that after one uses the FILES command to see the files on the disk the list scrolls up and off the emulator screen. And I am only able to scroll up as high as the visible text and not into the text that has scrolled off the screen. This prevents me from loading the japanese text games that have scrolled off of the screen.

Is there any way to scroll up higher??



Just another small question, is there a way to connect the Sharp Cassette Recorder (CZ-8RL1) to the X1 Twin, since it doesn't have any "Rec" port on the back?