adding a switch to a ntsc snes for 50/60 hz

Started by johnpierce, November 14, 2014, 08:29:38 PM

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What tools and parts do i need to add a switch to the snes?  i am trying to play terranigma on the usa snes but it shrinks the screen slightly.


 Hi Johnpierce !

Many years ago I did the Mmmonkey's SNES SFC 50/60Hz Switch with Lockout Switch mod which was clean and elegant. Please see the attached pictures for proof of concept. The butchery on the cartridge slot was not my doing.

Things you will need:

2 x Single Pole - Double Throw switches
1 x 2.2K ohm Resistor
Wire (Kynar preferred)

SNES SFC 50/60Hz Switch with Lockout Switch

P.S. There is a NTSC patch for Terranigma which eliminates the nasty border. This was personally tested on NTSC SNES and worked great.

Terranigma NTSC Patch

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