Batsugun Bootleg PCB region

Started by emerald danjon, May 18, 2014, 08:56:52 AM

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emerald danjon

Hello all !,

i have a Batsugun Bootleg PCB...,and i want to know if i can change the region using the Jumpers like other TOA pcbs...,i do in other  PCBS like

Out zone...just wire the 4 JP...and the game change to the Japan version...,

looks similar but i dont want break the PCB...:

thanks in advance!


emerald danjon

Hello all,

after think and think ;D

i take the OUT ZONE pcb and i check where the wires go...,

and goes to same point  as the Batsugun PCB...a LS4 classic chip on this kind of boards...,

so i take the risk and i do the connections...,

and Works...,Batsugun Bootleg PCB turn into Japan version if you wire the 4 JP points...,

maybe some day this info save the life of someone xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD,

have a nice day.


Can you show us the rest of the PCB? I've never seen a bootleg of Batsugun
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emerald danjon


I love the "TOAPLAN" stamps on the chips! too funny
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