XRGB2 and Transcoder question (PS2)

Started by johnpierce, November 14, 2014, 08:20:24 PM

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I'm using a XRGB2 for PS2 most of the time.  I have recently bought a transcoder for all my progressive systems as well.

I haven't received the transcoder yet but I've thought of a problem.  If I'm in RGB mode on my ps2 and I want to play progressive games through the VGA transcoder, its not a simple case of switching cables because you have to change the output option in the dash from RGB to Y BR etc.   The progressive option in most games is in a game menu.

Svideo cables work on both output configurations, so is the best way to use the svideo cable (in Y BR mode) through the XRGB2 to the point of verifying progressive scan enable, switching cables to component, clicking button on YES?

Sounds tacky, but is that the only way?


The XRGB-2 doesn't even support component video so I don't believe that's going to work.