if anybody has these games in .hdf /.hds please let me know

Started by craiganderson, October 30, 2014, 07:08:38 AM

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i have about >825 games on my hyperspin wheel
these are the only ones remaining that are not either in .hds/.hdf or single or double .dim/.xdf etc
the 2 disk games i can load via save state
but the games that are on greater than 2 disks, i cannot fully load for the user with just one click

if anybody has these on a compilation disk or in .hdf or .hds please let me know

2096 AD (1991)(Home Data)(Disk 3 of 3)(Disk C).dim
38 Man Kilo No Kokuu (1989)(System Sacom)(Disk 4 of 4).dim                     

4th Unit Act 2, The (1988)(Data West)(Disk 3 of 3)(Disk C).dim                 

4th Unit Act 3 Dual Target, The (1989)(Data West)(Disk 3 of 3)(Disk C).dim       

4th Unit Act 5 D-Again, The (1990)(Data West)(Disk 3 of 4)(Disk C).dim   

A Ressha De Ikou II Gentei Okaidoku Han (1990)(Artdink)(Disk 3 of 4)(Disk C)(S.. 

Akiko (1993)(Ides)(Disk 3 of 3).dim                                             

Alfaim (1989)(Zainsoft)(Disk 3 of 5)(Disk C).dim                           

Alice No Yakata II (1992)(Alice Soft)(Disk 3 of 4)(Disk C).dim                 

Alshark (1991)(Right Stuff)(Disk 3 of 5)(Opening).dim                         

Ani Mahjongg V3 (1993)(Sogna)(Disk 4 of 4)(Disk 3).dim                         

Aoki Ookami To Shiroki Meshika Genchou Hishi (1993)(Koei)(Disk 3 of 3).dim       

Aoki Ookami To Shiroki Meshika Genghis Khan (1989)(Koei)(Disk 3 of 3).dim       

Arcus II Silent Symphany (19xx)(Wolf Team)(Disk 3 of 4).dim                   

Beast 2 Inkyubasutaa (19xx)(Birdy Soft)(Disk 3 of 4)(Disk C).dim               

Bell's Avenue 2 (199x)(Wendy's Magazine)(Disk 3 of 4)(Disk C).dim               

Cranked Arrow (1989)(Fukuda Naoto)(Disk 3 of 3)(Disk C).dim                   

Daisenryaku III '90 (1991)(System Soft)(Disk 3 of 3).dim                     

Death Bringer (1989)(Telnet)(Disk 3 of 3)(Disk C).dim                         

Dragon Knight 2 (1991)(Elf)(Disk 3 of 4).dim                                   

Dragon Knight 3 (1991)(Elf)(Disk 6 of 6).dim                                   

Genei Toshi (1991)(Microcabin)(Disk 3 of 7).dim                                 

Hana Yori Dango 2 (1993)(Active)(Disk 3 of 4)(Disk C).dim                       

Metal Unit II Power Unit (1994)(T&H Project)(Disk 3 of 3).dim                 

Phantasie III The Wrath of Nikademus (19xx)(Starcraft)(Disk 3 of 3)(Player)

Tricorn Final (19xx)(Xain)(Disk 3 of 4)(Disk C).dim                             

Twilight (1995)(Studio Twin'kle)(Disk 3 of 3)(Disk C).dim