x68000 versus x68030 setting on xm6g

Started by craiganderson, October 23, 2014, 12:14:00 AM

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x68000 versus x68030 setting on xm6g

Does one setting play all of the games of the other? (i.e. x68030 will play everything that x68000 plays or vice-versa)

Or does each setting have certain games that ONLY that setting will load/play?

thank you in advance


To sum it up the best I can:

X68000 mode: This emulates a stock X68k (XM6g emulates the core hardware of an EXPERT model in this mode), and is the most compatible with software and games.

X68030 mode: This emulates an X68030 model, The X68030 or '030 as it's also known. was the last X68k model released by Sharp before the bowed out of the personal computer market only to return a few years later by making there own clones of those "PeeCee" things we all use today.

While the '030 was the fastest and best equipped model of the lot... it pays the price by being the least compatible of them all. this is mostly because of the 68030 processor and changes to the systems chip set to accommodate it. 
(while the 68030 is about 90% backwards compatible with 16/32 bit stock 68k instructions... it was designed to favour 32bit instructions over the mish mash of 16 and 32 bit data that a standard 68k cpu deals with. it also has a primitive level L1 cache like system and an optional Memory Management Unit witch further breaks comparability with stock 68k code)

Some commercial and fan made titles will enable or use extra features if they detect there running on an '030 model.. but there's not a lot of them out there (Castlevania is one of them, I've recently found out after reading the developer notes that eidis posted. it will show some extra fancy graphics if it detects it's running on an '030 model)

So X68030 mode would give you the best experience when running demanding software and games.. but only if there made to be compatible with it and take advantage of the 030 processer.