Bi-annual Moderation Reminders

Started by kendrick, October 15, 2014, 06:17:27 AM

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Hi all. A couple of reminders regarding posting behavior that gets my attention.

As moderator, I frown on any post that contains a single, unadorned URL in it. If you're not going to include some text that explains what you're posting and why it's on topic, I'll delete it and I won't tell you about it. It might be a link out to an insightful bit of information about a classic console, or it might be a rickroll. Either way, I consider everybody's time valuable and I won't allow our members to waste their time investigating mystery links, one user at a time.

On an unrelated note, please don't advertise your unrelated activities on GamesX. Your charity is probably quite worthy, your cat video is probably really funny, your political campaign might be interesting, and your social media metric might indeed need incrementing. But none of it matters here. If you post here asking for hits or followers, I will delete the post and think less of you.


Hi everybody. As an addendum to the moderation reminders, I'm reserving the right now to edit your post if you put URLs in your message without descriptors or any other indication of what's on the other side of the link. I'm assured that when this happens it's because people are in a hurry and not that they're trying to gin up advertising clicks, but whatever the motivation I'm going to add descriptions of URLs where there are none as the occasion warrants. If you have a problem with this policy please reach out to me or NFGman directly via PM.