PSone LCD RGB problem, need help.

Started by beanflip, April 12, 2004, 12:12:20 PM

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I have my PSone RGB outputs soldered directly to the wires coming out of the Sony PSone LCD. Sometimes the display looks great, but it's usually all screwed up. It turns different colors, and basically gets all scrambled looking. I have three different PSones and three LCDs. They ALL do this and they all worked fine before I desoldred the AV ports and stuff.

Yes, the RGB and Y sync are connected to the right places. Typlically it looks good when I turn it on and then gets crappy after a few seconds. Moving the wires around has no effect at all so I'm sure the connections are good.

What could I be doing to these things? Is it the heat from soldering??


I have yet to do an RGB mod, but as I under stand it, there are many non-standard RGB implementations. I'm not sure if the PSone LCD is one of those but could the device be to blame?

When I say "Non-standard" I'thinking about a few things I've read in RGB mod guides which seem to reference a signal that is not present or missing or not needed sometimes. Because I don't know what they're talking about, I don't know what I'm talking about. Just consider this a bump because I'd like to know before I do something with my two PSone LCDs ;)

Oh, and is this an official Sony PSone LCD?


The PSone and the Sony LCD are both capable of RGB out of the box. I am simply hooking them up directly- bypassing the AV port that would normally hook them together. Lately, it's been working fine most of the time. But sometimes out of nowhere it acts as if the sync has been disconnected.


Could you help me understand the logic of bypassing the AV inputs? Doesn't the screen hook up to the PS1 with the RGB connections through the AV port? One thing I want to do is make a RGB cable from the PS2 to the PS1 LCD screen.