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cdx trouble

Started by Guest_jetblue, April 18, 2004, 03:51:20 PM

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Hello everyone. This is my first visit to this great site. I was looking through the forums and was amazed at all the knowledge here. The soldering info was most helpful.I was doing it all wrong. And I thought I was preety good at soldering. I was using razorblades and stuff like that. And all my solder would just come off.                                
I need help with my sega cdx. It was working fine awhile ago. I havent played it  in over a year. When I started it up last week It would play music cds but It wont play cdgames or cartridge. All it says is game on the screen. Please any one know whats wrong with it . I cant afford to send it to the sega hospital. No insurance. This site is like the county free sega clinic.  


Blast. I think I put this topic in the wrong forum.But mabey its the right one .Not really sure.  


hey not sure how to fix that man....your power PCB is probably blown, since CDs run off a different power source.  I have a couple broken ones myself that will only play CDs.  Would you be interested in selling or trading yours if you can't fix it?  I need more parts to fix mine.  Let me know :)

I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


It sounds like the Genesis side of the system is dead.  It obviously knows it should be using the Genesis processor, but isn't able.  


You're not trying to run it on batteries, are you?  The CD player will work with batteries, but the games and SegaCDs will not.



Thanks every one for replying. I cant part with my cdx. To many memories. Me and my freind chipped in to buy it around 1994.  Bought lots of games. Only missing eternal champions and some shooter game that I cant remember the name for. Well he died around 1997 and every time I play the cdx I remember good times. I guess Ill have to save my pennies for the expensive sega hospital.  They want $55 dollars to repair.  I hope they can fix it. :unsure: