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Started by ashrion, September 19, 2014, 07:32:04 PM

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sorry my very bad english
i register one ask, in motherboard of x68000 pro and pro hd one switch name switch1, near to intern expansion of ram computer, position is 1 or 2, use of switch?, is posible switch change configuration ram 2 megas not necessary move configuration in switch.x?
standar position is 1, look in photos.

i wanted information in japanese pages, but result is 0


 Hi Ashrion !

Welcome to the forum ! There is a similar switch on my ACE motherboard which lets you switch between on-board IPL and the one which can be plugged in the two empty sockets. By default it is set to 1 as-well. It could be that the same applies to PRO.

X68000 ACE motherboard

Unfortunately the amount of available RAM must be specified with switch.x  Currently there is no way around it.

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yes, really is a logic use switch in ace XD thanks for reply
but i look in pro distance of two empty sockets is very long,

but is a logic, not other mode change acces empty sockets
news sorry my english and thanks for reply XD
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