super famicom, rgb on sony trinitron : sync issue ? (video inside)

Started by robinmasters, September 13, 2014, 01:19:35 AM

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hello everyone,
i'm very pleased to be now part of this forum,
a lot of helpful and interesting topics.

i'm having an issue with my super famicom, rgb connected to a sony trinitron i've just bought.
i'm using a pal gamecube rgb cable.

as i turn the console on,  the image appears but the tv keeps switching from composite to rgb or 50 ro 60hz,  don't know exactly.

i'm french,  it may be important  for the understanding of my issue.

here is the video of what is happening.

I read a lot about sync, sync strippers,  i didn't understand everything...

from what i've read and gathered from this forum,   i'm thinking maybe the sfc is sending a voltage to the pin 16 of the rgb cable,  that the tv can't decode the right way.  maybe it explains why it keeps switching from one to another.

am i right ?

how to correct this ?

thank you all


You have take 2 steps to make the cable compatible with the SFC.

1) Cut the wire inside the Scart-Connector that goes into Scart pin 8. The voltage on that pins determines the aspect ratio of the picture. When used with a PAL SNES or GC, the voltage on that pin will be 12V. But on a SFC you get Csync instead which creates a problem. Also see:

2) Inside the connector of your cable that goes into the console there's a small resistor between the composite video and GND. You should remove that resistor.


thank you for your reply.
I'll do as you say this afternoon.

but how come this tv doesn't work with the original cable and another old one works perfectly ?