More CRT hacking! Adding S-video to KV-9PT60

Started by Segasonicfan, August 17, 2014, 04:18:48 PM

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August 17, 2014, 04:18:48 PM Last Edit: January 28, 2017, 01:10:34 PM by Segasonicfan
EDIT:  This mod has some mistakes and has since been updated.  Luma (Y) goes into the composite video feed and Chroma goes directly to the jungle IC.  You need only to split them where they join but prior to where H+V are stripped.  I'll make a better version if anyone cares, but I'm too lazy busy for now.

So I found this great little color CRT yesterday and its perfect for my nightstand.  It also runs off +12v (!!) and is only 53W and about 10lbs.  Can someone say portable CRT Genesis?  Yes, I am that crazy :)

Only there's one problem: Composite video input only, yuck!!  I really wanted to do RGB but it seems impossible give the I2C controlling it and weird blanking input controlling.  Meh.  No Component video input so time for the next best thing: S-Video!!

All the info you will need for this mod:  (Sevice Manual) (Jungle IC datasheet)

The concept is simple: The composite input uses a few transistors to split into YC.  Bypass them and input it directly.  It only gets tricky because the circuit also uses a transistor to increase the Y output and sent it to H/V sync input as well (wtf?)  That part was annoying but I figured it out thanks to the IC datasheet.

Mod info (pictures with instructions):

oh and dont forget to add that 75ohm resistor to ground on the Y input!

Happy modding!



I noticed lots of people have used this info guide for their YouTube videos.  But no one gives credit. :/
I miss the old days when our community was smaller and we always looked out for eachother.  ah well...